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By bringing together high-quality publications we enable advertisers to engage an influential audience digitally and at scale.


Our history

In 2008, The Economist conducted in-depth studies of its audience and what they discovered surprised them. What they have in common is the way they think.  They are intensely curious, they think globally and their ideas help move the world forward.  We call them Ideas People.  

Ideas People Media was launched to aggregate this influential psychographic audience into a fully transparent platform for brand advertisers. The goal was to create scale against the right audience composition, while also maintaining the most appropriate content environments.

Launched in Q4 2010 as a business unit of The Economist Group, Ideas People Media manages four distinct vertical advertising networks:

Ideas People Channel is a fully transparent vertical network of 66 sites identified by the readers of The Economist as their favorite online destinations for topics on business, globalisation, innovation and culture. Our award-winning publisher partners include Technology Review, International Business Times, Washington Examiner and Kiplinger.  Reaching over 31 million unique visitors in the U.S and over 45 million worldwide today, the Channel is used by advertisers to amplify their brand campaigns.

Ideas People Advocacy Network is a subset of Ideas People Channel – premier publishers of U.S Political content including CSMonitor, The Weekly Standard. The Advocacy Network delivers more reach than Huffington Post and Politico and is the perfect tool for any advocacy campaign aimed at political influencers who are active on both the national and local level.

Ideas People TV is a video network providing advertisers access to an audience of engaged, targeted, and educated consumers through professionally produced video content distributed across Ideas People Media properties. We are able to serve over 100 million views per month.

Ideas People Mobile is a mobile network providing advertisers access to our portfolio of publisher's mobile traffic (both in-app and mobile web). Currently we are serving over 12 million mobile impressions monthly and growing.

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