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Did I Hear "Premium" Again?

[Thursday, October 18 4:46 PM] Stéphane Père

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Like any industry, advertising is not bereft of jargon. Sit in for a few minutes at any trade conference and you will be sure to hear everyone talking about “engagement”, “curation”, “serendipity”, and the latest one “native advertising”. One word that seems to be thrown around more than ever is “premium”. Almost every publisher, tech/data vendor, and ad network has chosen to define their audience & solutions as premium. Yet, what doesRead More >

Mobile Can Lead the Way to the Rebirth of Print Media

[Wednesday, September 12 3:09 PM] Stéphane Père

Read Stéphane's latest article published in Ad Age about how more people are reading on mobile devices, giving marketers a chance to extent print branding.

The Ad Network Transparency Conspiracy

[Friday, August 24 9:46 AM] Stéphane Père

Read Stéphane's latest article published in Digiday about ad networks and the lack of transparency in the marketplace.

Tracking the “Do Not Track” Controversy

[Thursday, June 7 4:00 PM] Stéphane Père

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The controversy around “Do Not Track” has reached its boiling point.

Last weekend Microsoft struck a match when it announced that IE10 will have a DNT setting per default. Ad networks, retargeters, Ad exchanges and Internet giants started screaming…as if the house was burning.  The IAB president jumped into the fray, arguing that the Microsoft decision made no sense. To him, the debate around privacy had been “hijacked” by anti-advertising groups. As…Read More >

Online Branding and Print Legacy News Publishers: Conclusion: Why Print Will Benefit

[Friday, April 27 2:40 PM] Stéphane Père

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Last week, I wrote that two-thirds of all communication among people is nonverbal, and the same percentage applied to the brand-building portion of 2010 media spending versus direct response.

Missing right now from the two-thirds "magic number" is online spending, where just 23% was dedicated to brand-building in 2010, and only 35% is projected by 2015. Yet, the gap is shrinking and that time will come when online matches traditional media. That…Read More >

Online Branding and Print Legacy News Publishers: Part 1--Mind The Gap, Please (Originally published in the Media Industry Newsletter)

[Thursday, April 26 10:00 AM] Stéphane Père

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Let me open with this premise: Two-thirds is the magic number for branding.
Two-thirds of all communications between two people or between a speaker and a group of listeners is made by nonverbal communication. Regardless of the choice of words, two-thirds (or 67%) of the impact comes from elements such as context and behavior, which seem intangible to our conscience.

Today, almost two-thirds of a company's valuation comes from intangible assets. Brand…Read More >


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