Audience Profile

The stars of the 21st Century are the pioneers, catalysts and builders of new ideas and they have an affinity for The Economist brand. The world belongs to them.

They don’t live in our world.
We live in theirs.


Ours is the age of innovation.  Ideas are the currency of the modern economy.  Entire new industries and many existing ones have turned from creating products to producing ideas.

Imagine being able to talk to a group of people whose sphere of influence is so strong that they add a positive charge to advertising messages and accelerate them through their social networks.

You cannot find this group by targeting an age, gender or any combination of demographics.  What they share is not where they’re from but how they think – they are intensely curious, they want to understand and improve the world around them. 

Collectively, they are the catalyst that moves our society forward. When they talk the world listens.  They are Ideas People.

Ideas People possess an inexplicable ability to pluck ideas from the ether, develop them into something practical, and launch them as something newly desirable.  Where do ideas come from?  When will the next big one arrive, revolutionizing everything in its wake, and through whom will it speak? 

Ideas People are:
2X more likely to be Market Mavens
3X more likely to be Digital Influencers
4X more likely to be Network Hubs

Inside the Mindset: Find out how Ideas People can amplify your brand.

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