Ideas People Channel

Reach over 45 million Brand Amplifiers Globally

Ideas People Channel is a fully transparent vertical ad network of 65+ digital publications inspired by insight into the mindset of The Economist audience.  As a result of our research, we were able to identify unique characteristics that define the audience: they are intensely curious, they think globally, and they are focused on solving the big problems and moving the world forward. We call them Ideas People.

After defining the mindset we identified the content this audience values the most – globalisation, culture, business and innovation – and recruited the sites most visited by readers of The Economist in each category.

Reaching 31 million unique visitors every month in the U.S and over 45 million worldwide, Ideas People Channel is used by advertisers to amplify their brand campaigns. (click image to expand)

Ideas People Channel is the first network delivering an elite audience who are intellectually curious, opinionated and influential. Continued research helps us to understand the Ideas People mindset in even greater depth. They are good at persuading people to see things from their point of view. They like to challenge established ways of thinking. If a company impresses them, they will make a point of telling others. They are both unconventional and distinctive.

Ideas People Channel is the mechanism to connect with the wider universe of Ideas People, enabling advertisers to reach, at scale, a highly sought-after psychographic audience for brand campaigns.



Upper Funnel Audience Targeting
Ideas People Media allows advertisers to create awareness, break the barrier to consideration, and build preference for brands among the right people.
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   Why Advertisers Work with Ideas People Media
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