Members of the Ideas People Channel are hand-selected via a rigorous screening process. Our member sites are destinations for global analysis, intelligent discussion and debate. The most valuable asset in this business is our audience of Ideas People, so it is important that we validate each publisher’s audience and assure you that your brand is associated with other quality brands.

Why Join Ideas People Channel:

  • Advertisers value reach and targeting power, with audience insights a leading differentiator
  • Our dedicated sales force has deep, global brand relationships – brands that you otherwise might never access
  • Identify your audience as Ideas People, a highly desirable audience in demand with top-tier brands

Member benefits:

Ideas People TV: Create video inventory on your site which we can help monetize with pre-roll ads. Ideas People provides the player and the content of the best produced visual news stories and analysis of the issues affecting our lives. Publishers have complete control over the content, managing their own playlists and can upload their content into Ideas People TV for distribution across the network.
Ideas People Barter Platform:
Members barter inventory for house ads to drive traffic, sell subscriptions and mobile apps and promote events across the audience of Ideas People. With over 20 million ads served, the Barter Platform, powered by Audience Fuel has provided over $300K in value to Members by trading (bartering) unsold ad inventory. Members are seeing up to an 8X increase in the performance of their promotional and house ads. And best of all, there is no cash commitment to participate.




"We see it as a great supplement to our current sales effort, which is mainly focused on b2b. With a much larger reach [the channel] can compete for the mass consumer campaigns that would not be able to win on our own as a single site."
Kathleen Kennedy, Technology Review

When you cut through the razzle-dazzle of the new targeting technologies, good media buying still comes down to putting your message in front of the right person in the right place. With Ideas People Channel, you'll never have to wonder whether the content environment is appropriate for your brand.
Bob Hanna, CSMonitor

“The first ad network ever to cater to the intelligent.”
Alex Nobles, Outside the Beltway

“Great idea. I’m glad we’re part of it!”
Julia Yager, Public Radio International

“We want to partner more with other IPC publishers.”
Annie Hager, The Washington Examiner


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